Our Electrical Distribution 415v & 110v Catalogues

Electrical Distribution Boards

  • Ranging from 300amp to 100amp
  • Std Board
  • 8-32amp 4-Pin or 5-Pin
  • 415v MCB Protection to all sockets
  • Free Standing

Transformers 415v to 110v

  • 25-kva Rated
  • 15-kva Rated
  • 10-kva Rated
  • 12-off 16amp 110v Sockets
  • 4-off 32amp 110v Sockets
  • All MCB Protection

Extension Leads

  • 415v Ext Leads 4-Pin or 5-Pin
  • 14-Mt Lengths SY Cable 32amp Rated

Power Tool Transformers

  • 5-kva 240v to 110v 1-32amp Sckt
  • 1-16amp Sckts
  • 3.3kva 240v to 110v 2-16amp Sckt

Low Voltage Transformers

  • 110v to 25v Transformers
  • 5-kva Rated 4-Outlets
  • 2-Kva Rated 8-Outlets